If you think you have an Emergency, call the clinic at
Follow the prompts to page the doctor. Please speak slowly and clearly. Leave your name, phone number where the doctor can call you back and a brief description of the problem.

First Aid
Bleeding: Apply lots of pressure and padding. If wound bleeds through the bandage, replace it and call the clinic.

Wounds: Clean and wash gently and throughly with warm water and mild soap. If deep or near a joint, wrap and call the clinic.

Colic: (signs of abdominal pain - see about for abnormal pain): Walk horse and call the clinic.

Exhaustion: Absolute rest. Cold water bath if overheated. Blanket if cold. Small and frequent drinks. Small and frequent amounts of food. Call the clinic.

Tie-up: Rest if very uncomfortable. Walk slowly if willing. Massage muscles believed to be affected. Offer water to drink and call the clinic.

Horse Essential Facts
Signs Normal Abnormal
Temperature Around 100°F 102°F +
Heart Rate 28-36 beats per minute 44 bpm and up
Respiration 12-24 breathes per minute 36 bpm +/- increased effort
Gums Pink and moist Pale/dark and dry
Gut Sounds Present
Not present
Attitude Bright, Alert, Responsive Quiet, Depressed
Pain Alert, Standing Quietly Down, Rolling, Pawing,
Kicking at belly
Appetite Hungry None or light

When in Doubt, Call Us!


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